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Look I am just a kid trying to run a semi-decent blog out of a city and to a greater extent state that doesn't support/care about the music I listen to (at least most of it). Somedays I feel like I am doing a good job some days I realize I've got alot to learn.

What I am always flattered by is when I'm contacted by a musician (not a publicity/promotions company but the actual person). I don't have a musical bone in my body so when a dude with talent tells me he's "def feelin' (my) coverage of the music" I'm humbled.

Bisc 1 puts out experimental hip hop records on the Embedded Music label (whats up Ese?!). His latest n' greatest is a 17 track mixtape called The Stay Up Project mixed by DM Fields of Grand Prize in Boston. Here is just a sample track. Don't miss it. This kid is good. You can get the whole damn thing here.

Mp3: Bisc 1 - "Heavy Metal" produced by J. Vegus

Buy: Purchase The Basics Ep also recommended on iTunes here. ALSO Bisc is playing at The Mercury Lounge in NYC tomorrow night for all you NYC kids.

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