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Been on the hip hop kick here for awhile so its time to switch it up a bit. Who better to choose to do that than the great Amon Tobin? Brazilian-born he started off under the pseudonym of Cujo in the mid 1990s, while living in the UK. He would later move to the monumental Ninja Tune records and begin recording under his own name.

Tobin's newest record Foley Room is set for release on Febuary 27th. Supermodified and Out from Out Where are fantastic records (and some of the genre's best) and if the new single is any indication, this record will be awesome as well.

Mp3: Amon Tobin feat. Kronos Quartet - "Bloodstone"

On "Bloodstone" Tobin teamed up with one of my favorites in the Kronos Quartet.

Support: Since you can't pre-order it yet be sure to stop by here and here to keep in tune with Amon.

1 interested person(s)

Tim said... @ 1/07/2007 04:50:00 PM

it's indescribable how amazing this album is.
thanks for always hooking it up with the fresh tunes.

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