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Can't believe dude is gone. Just can't believe it.

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Anonymous said... @ 12/31/2006 08:47:00 PM

What is good y’all! Here is a banger to start of the new year with-
Lil’ Wayne- Hustla Musik 2K7 Leather-N-Suede RMX
(Produced by Tone Capone & Dusty Frazier)


From the forthcoming RMX LP available 1st quarter 2K7!
For clean & instrumental versions email toneenot@gmail.com

Happy New Year!
Tone Capone

Flatlander said... @ 1/02/2007 02:06:00 PM

Are you truly surprised he is dead? I can understand saddened but not surprised.

The guy was 73, overweight and had a long history of drug use. I think it's more surprising he lived as long as he did.

I know this sounds crass but I'm not surprised. If you told me that Danger Mouse dropped this morning, I'd be surprised but if B.B. King goes tomorrow, I'll tip my hat to the man and say good night.

k said... @ 1/02/2007 06:29:00 PM

yeah saddened is really a better term. i would agree. just hard to think about losing a dude of this caliber.

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