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Is it hip hop? Is it electronic? Is is experimental rock? What type of music is this? There is no genre that Subtle neatly fits into. They are a type of pre-Gnarls Barkley band. Creating Gnarls type music before Gnarls exploded in early 2006.

Formed in 2001 SF's Subtle certainly has a sound that might take a couple listens to warm up given just how different it is. AMG had this to say about their latest record, "Subtle's For Hero: For Fool is a complex, innovative, sometimes bizarre, and usually utterly confusing journey into the minds of lyricist Doseone and his five bandmates." Here a couple track highlights off the album.

Mp3: Subtle - "Middleclass Stomp"
Mp3: Subtle - "Mercury Craze"

Buy: Pick up For Hero: For Fool here.

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Silent K said... @ 12/10/2006 12:10:00 PM

Subtle is really good. Nice post.

I read that they were recently robbed while touring Europe, dang.

We posted a Subtle track recently too. 'dig these guys much.


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