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Basically...it boils down that anything that Murs appears on I have to check out. Sorry thats not too selective and there isn't some larger musical theory behind it...its just basic love for Murs. Anyways enough about the man crush and on to this new record which dropped Oct. 17th on the Green Streets label by producer Belief.

Smother Mag:

"Dense and colorful hip-hop with fantastic commentary and stirring beats make Belief a shining example of what a hip-hop producer in the underground should aspire to."

Mp3: Belief feat. Murs & C-Rayz Walz - "Lets Go"

This is my favorite track. Great production which is consistant throughout the record. Check it out if you like that underground vibe.

Buy: Be sure to pick up Dedication here.

2 interested person(s)

Kevin said... @ 11/10/2006 10:44:00 PM

Dude, have you heard "Say Yes" yet? Posted on that recently. It's pretty dope.

Passion of the Weiss said... @ 11/13/2006 01:54:00 PM

I'm with you on Murs...the guy's pretty much been on fire the last two years...that link to the song wasn't working for some reason...anxious to hear it.

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