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Not totally sure what Denny is even talking about here but what I do know is that I fell asleep listening to the game. Thought the Bears didn't have a chance. Wake up this morning and....surprise! they pull it out despite Rex turning it over 6 times and the offense only scoring 3 points. Thanks to Urlacher, Hester and Tillman for showing up and playing football.

Quote of the radio broadcast by Boomer Esiason: "Scott Player's facemask is ridiculous."

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Anonymous said... @ 10/17/2006 12:40:00 PM

they should have lost. bears are overated. it wasnt that they won the game it was that the cards gave it away and by giving it away i mean what has to be one of the larger chokes in football history.

it was good to see Rex back in his true swing of things though.

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