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Yes that is one of my more innovate titles to date. Franck Roger knows how to make some impressive house. While I think the genre was let down a bit by its biggest star this year (Basement Jaxx) French DJ/producer Franck Roger provides serious promise.

The new album We Walk to Dance is a fine album. I would think its more borderline trip-hop than house given its laid back style but what do I know. Guess since they all have that constant base drop in the background qualifies it as house (this then must make it deep house, but who really cares?). Check out a couple tracks while I continue talking to myself...

Mp3: Franck Roger feat. Josh - "Flut' Mood"
Mp3: Franck Roger feat. Jovonn - "Remember the Days" (Talk Mix)

Buy it: Buy the new album here or the Back and Forth 12" here.

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