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As many of you know the Chrome Children Tour aka Stones Throw Allstars are on tour. They have moved through Japan, Europe and are now onto US soils. What is notable given that AG isn't going to be able to get to these shows is that at the shows there are some chances to grab some exclusive records. They are:

Madlib - Mind Fusion Vol. 4: Hip Hop Remixes, Nas Vs. Jay Z
Madlib - Mind Fusion Vol. 5: Dirty Crates from Around the World & Back Home Again
Peanut Butter Wolf - Yo 45 Raps! Vol. 1
Peanut Butter Wolf - Bass Your Car Streets and Party Fresh Beats: Mixtape

All of which are going to be available as soon as the tour is over. I was able to get my greasy little mitts on a couple tracks and these albums are definitely going to need to be picked up once these fellas decide to rest. Here is a track of PBW's Yo 45 Raps! Vol. 1.

Obviously by the title the songs are composed of 45s. Be sure to get your copy of Chrome Children from eMusic here and watch for the official release of these 4 records here.

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