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Here is an AG first...a group straight out of Japan. Cacoy is "spawned from the heart of Japan's leftfield scene, Cacoy count members of Tenniscoats and Maher Shalal Hash Baz amongst their number; making the kind of wispy electronic music that demands a lazy comparison to cherry blossom."

The record was originally released over three years ago in their native Japan, in Febuary 2006 in Europe, but is still trying to break into the stateside market (guess no demand for a soft-centered electronic album with precision digitalis and soapy soundscapes...who would have guessed?). Check out some of the tracks on the record. The US is missing out I am digging this.

Buy: Human is Music is available over at BoomKat.

1 interested person(s)

stu fat planet said... @ 9/28/2006 06:09:00 AM

nice, thanks! another cacoy mp3 here:


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