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I am looking forward to the upcoming release of Beck's The Information. The record is three years in the making and you can't go wrong when you team up with Mr. Nigel Godrich (Beck's Sea Change, Mutations; Radiohead's OK Computer, Kid A).

But the hype gets better. The record is going to include a DVD featuring homemade videos for each of the 15 songs taken during the actual recording sessions. ALSO there the video for "Cell Phone's Dead" which is directed by Mr. Block Party Himself Michel Gondry. This thing should be a smash.

Enough of me check out some beats. An older remix (even though you don't like remixes) along with a live version of a part of a track off the upcoming record:

Mp3: Beck - "Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton" (Live)
Mp3: Beck - "Devil's Haircut" (Mike Simpson Remix)

Pre-order: Go get the "Nausea" single over at iTunes or other Beck albums here.

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