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We all learned that the first leaked track off the new J5 record Feedback was wack, seriously what where they thinking? But I guess what can you expect when you team up with DMB. Sorry but DMB is just not hip hop, wasn't then, isn't now and will never be. Ohh and Pitchfork is not a fan of thier track "Radio." I feared a B.E.P. type sell out but these latest leaks provide hope.

Mp3: Jurassic 5 - "Baby Please"
Mp3: Jurassic 5 - "End Up Like This"

"Baby Please" is a definate improvement. I think they are working in some old Al Green if I'm not mistaken. Both of these are much more classic J5 and sound like what they should be doing. I am just going to try and forget that the DMB collaboration ever happened...we all make mistakes.

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