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This week's dig is a dedication to silence...well not silence per se because its tough to listen to music when there is silence. So this week's dig is better described as a dedication to songs without words.

The tracks featured range from hip hop instrumentals to electronic to dub. My favorite of this dig remains Love on a Real Train originally featured in the movie Risky Business staring placenta eating homicidal maniac Tom Cruise but was more recently heard in the utterly fantastic Squid and the Whale. This version is from the must own Ghostly Idol Tryouts 2.

The others? Couple from that outfit called The Roots and some fantastic dub by Digital Mystikz. Check it out and be sure to support the artists by visiting Insound or eMusic and buying some records.

Mp3: Digital Mystikz - "Neverland"
Mp3: Charles Mingus - "II BS" (RZA Mingus Bounce Mix)
Mp3: Aesop Rock - "Daylight" (Instrumental)
Mp3: Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion "Love on a Real Train" (Risky Business)
Mp3: The Roots - "What They Do" (Instrumental)
Mp3: The Roots - "Concerto of the Desporado" (Instrumental)
Mp3: A Forest Mighty Black - "Fresh in My Mind" (Hacienda Rainy Dub Mix)
Mp3 link: Ghislain Poirier - "Vitamins For You Remix"

3 interested person(s)

matt said... @ 6/26/2006 10:13:00 PM

good looks on these tracks, K. illadelph halflife has always been my favorite Roots album.


p.s. you don't happen to have an instumental of "Episodes," do ya?

K. said... @ 6/27/2006 08:23:00 AM

you know matt i just might i will check when i get home from work. IF i do i will email it to you.

matt said... @ 6/27/2006 11:12:00 PM

hey K -- thanks for checking. and if you do in fact have other instrumentals from illadelph halflife, i could reciprocate w/ some Yonderboi.

in addition to (or as an alternative to) "Episodes," -- "No Alibi" would be really great.


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