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It has been brought to my attention that over the last couple weeks I have been neglecting all the fellas over at the party label Hollertronix.

Seriously who is making more of get out and jam sound than these guys by mashing the guilty pleasure of 80s music with hip hop, crunk, and bali funk? It was a rhetorical question, nobody is. Maybe cause everyone else think its an awful idea but I love it.

I admittedly spent a portion of my life "enjoying" 80s music and to see it mixed up with hip hop and other genres makes it all the less embarrassing to listen to. Police with a smattering of Ludacris and Little John anyone? Rock these cuts this weekend and enjoy that summer sunshine.

From Low Budget's Nuff Respect Due:

Mp3: Low Budget - "Police Cia"*
Mp3: Low Budget - "Cure Riddim"
Mp3: Hollertronix (Diplo and Low B) - "Track 11" (10 mins)

The last track is from the T5: Soul Sessions, Volume 2. Head over to the essential Turntable Lab to get yourself some records and gear. Support the DJ! Remember these are are just portions of a larger mix record.

1 interested person(s)

p.doe said... @ 8/04/2006 11:38:00 PM

Technology has failed me. I've been searching for at least ten minutes trying to get some kind of lead on buying T5: Soul Sessions, vol 2 and to no avail. Curse you for ever exposing me to this lovely music.

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