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This Tuesday's dig is a taste of some political hip hop. Its done in honor of GW's arrival in Iraq. A state which according to many on the ground is in complete and utter state of anarchy and disarray. Killings and kidnapping are spiraling out of control. There is a better way and I will tell you right now that way is not by violence and the use of force. Check out the rhythms.

Mp3: Mr. Lif - "Home of the Brave"
Mp3: Dead Prez - "Propaganda"
Mp3: Sage Francis - "Makeshift Patriot"*
Mp3: M1, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze - "Impeach the President" (Remix)
Mp3: Jel - "WMD"
Mp3: Saul Williams - "The Pledge" (Coldcut Remix)

Money needs to be spent on food, health care, education and infrastructure. No need for more of our young to die for this.

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