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This Tuesday dig is dedicated to Big Dada, the hip hop arm of the essential independent Ninja Tune label. Its best know for Roots Manuva but probably more so recently for Diplo and Spank Rock. Dada was started by reputed hip hop journalist Will Ashon in February 1997.

The label's first release was Misanthropic's 12"Alpha Prhyme a collaboration between Luke Vibert and Juice Aleem. Big Dada is not exclusively British, their roster has boasted contributions from Saul Williams, Mike Ladd (Infesticons/Majesticons) and Daniel Dumile (aka MF Doom/King Geedorah) and TTC. One of my favorite artists on the label is LA's Busdriver (pictured).

Check out Big Dada's strength:

Mp3: Big Dada Sound - "Showtime"*
Mp3: Busdriver - "Unemployed Black Astronaut"*
Mp3: Roots Manuva feat. Wood Harris and Daedelus - "Too Cold" (Sa-Ra Remix)
Mp3: New Flesh - "Communicate"
Mp3: Busdriver feat. Abstract Rude - "Get on the Bus"
Mp3: Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva - "True Skool" (Spank Rock Remix)
Mp3: Diplo feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos - "Diplo Rhythm"*

Buy it: Big Dada store here.
Check it out: Big Dada Official Blog.
* do not miss.

3 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 6/12/2006 05:12:00 PM

unemployed black astronaut's on a mush album.

Anonymous said... @ 1/01/2007 06:59:00 AM

love the bus man. He should do a show with sparrow love crew.

monte said... @ 1/29/2007 06:17:00 PM

I love the new record, he made some hilarious promo videos for it on youtube. Check 'em out.


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