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Mark June 27th 2006 as the Return of Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith, Black Elvis, Rhythm X, Dr. Dooom, and Mr. Gerbik with his new record Return of Dr. Octagon. Maybe you listened to his album Nogatco Rd. released earlier this year? (Nogatco is Octagon backwards btw).

There is no "Earth People" on this album but its still pretty damn good. Check out some tracks.

Mp3: Dr. Octagon - "Ants" (the money fight fire ants remix)
Mp3: Dr. Octagon - "Al Green" (The Gray Kid Al Greezy remix)
Mp3: Mike Relm - 20 minute Return of Dr Octagon megamix
Mp3: Dr. Octagon - "Trees"
Mp3: Dr. Octagon - "A Gorilla Driving a Pickup Truck"

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Pre-order it: here

Updated: Took down the original tracks per request. Added the remixes enjoy them and don't forget to swing by Dr. Octagon's official site.

1 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 5/19/2006 09:39:00 AM

that al green track is smokin

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