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I couldn't resist. Its too bad these guys weren't jammin' when I was in school. Megatron the Bellingham trio consisting of Paul, Delvon, and Julian might make you think of an arena rocking hair band or the name of the latest Sunday stopping monster truck robot but they are far from that.

These three bring the jam with a great jazz-funk sound that Bellingham desperately needs(sorry Bellingham but I could only take so much Barbed Wire Cutters and various other bluegrass/folk hippie bands while I enjoyed my microbrew).

Megatron is led by trumpeter Paul Chandler, along with Julian MacDonough on drums, and Delvon Dumas on a Hammond B-3 Organ. If you dig that Soulive type sound you should be into these three.

Mp3: Megatron - "Water No Get Enemy"
Mp3: Megatron - "Take Me Home"+

They even dable in the electronic. Check out this sick beat named after the best mountain on earth.

Mp3: Dirt Factory Records - "Mt. Baker Breaks"+

Buy: Be sure to support these guys in their pursuits. Buy a record here.
Check it: Megatron's myspace zone.
+links fixed.

3 interested person(s)

Pablo said... @ 5/30/2006 07:43:00 PM

thanks for the plug.
your blog rocks.
the 'Tron loves you!

Es-Won said... @ 6/01/2006 04:37:00 PM

the original 'water no get enemy' (by fela kuti) is like one of my faborite songs EVER. this version is v. nice..........

Rock on Tron!

K. said... @ 6/01/2006 05:13:00 PM

I aim to please Es.

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