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Who cares about the battle of Texas (TD will shut out the Mavs) or the fact that the East is overrated. Its Clips' time, and its time the Clippers to close out runnin' and gunnin' Suns. Nash is tired and the team doesn't have an answer for EB. Brand is the most underrated player in the game (wish the Bulls would have hung onto him...Tyson Chandler pfft).

Its rough to stay up for the Westcoast contests here, but I will be staying up for this one. I have been rooting for the Clips for too long (I am talking since the Ron Harper/Danny Manning years) to not watch this game.

Here is the track they play for the NBA on TNT or is it ESPN? Doesn't matter the beat is catchy as hell and Styles of Beyond are great (check out 2000 fold great album if you haven't).

Mp3: Fort Minor feat. Styles of Beyond - "Remember the Name"

Buy: Fort Minor's Rising Tied or Styles of Beyond's 2000 Fold.

Update: Bulls out. Spurs out. Clippers out. So much for my predictions. I just need to decide now who I jinx next.

2 interested person(s)

Djlethal01 said... @ 5/22/2006 06:14:00 PM

i beg to differ, I think Dallas will win.

That fort minor song is nice but TNT has beat it to death.

The Dude said... @ 5/23/2006 01:07:00 AM

I'm glad Phoenix won. I can't remember the last time an MVP got dissed as much as Nash. He's fun to watch and he's not selfish. It's a shame stockton never won an MVP.

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