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...and listening to Midwest Product. I just picked up this disk on eMusic and the thing is dope. Some of that New Order-esque sound. This electronic-experiemental indie is some good stuff. Check it out. Figured if I was going to the Midwest might as well listen to a band named after the place I was going.

Mp3: Midwest Product - "Swamp"
Mp3: Midwest Product - "Cold Sore"*

Cold Sore is especially bumping (aren't all cold sores?). Its got that video game synth thing going. Check out Ghostly International out of Ann Arbor Michigan for plenty of mind blowing US electronic. Idol Tryouts 2 is one of the coolest records of 2006.

Buy: Midwest Product's 2006 Swamp EP here or here.
Buy: Midwest Product's full length disc, Specifics here or here.
Buy: Midwest Product's World Series of Love here or here.

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Eric said... @ 5/11/2006 10:05:00 PM

Check out their first record (not sure title) with Duckpond on it. I really like that track a lot. Maybe I'll post it.

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