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Call Me Mikey has great taste in tunes. Check out his latest find in a great mashup DJ from the fantastic city of Vancouver BC. Serious, Van BC is the best city on the planet (Chicago and Prague tied for 2nd). Wish I knew about this guy when I was going to school in the area.

M!G!H! has a ridiculous amount of mashups offered up at the official site mp3 section. The Paris Hilton/B.E.P. mashup is pretty weak but I guess you can't make a good mashup when the songs you start with already suck. But the CYHSY redo is great along with the Mickey mentioned GG Allin versus Twista track. The novelty of the MIA versus Modest Mouse track is there, but it doesn't stand out in my mind.

Mp3: M!G!H! - "Modest Mouse v. MIA"
Mp3: M!G!H! - "CYHSY Upon this Tidal Wave Redo" (Redo Remix)*
Mp3: M!G!H! - "Mix 1"

Go to: M!G!H! myspace and official space.
Visit: CallMeMickey for more of the dopest of dope selections in hip hop and other misc. music. He's a trend setter check him out.

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