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The Centennial Society is a hand-made product line that was covertly installed in Wal-Marts around western New York and Minnesota from 1998-2000. Each product addresses negative trends in Wal-Mart's business practice. Most of these trends are common practice for any large retail chain.

Check out the Wal-Mart Project Website.

From The Wal-Mart Project:

Wal-mart is the largest grossing corporation in the world, earning in excess of $219 billion dollars a year (for current figures see http://www.fortune.com/ for the Fortune 500 list). There are Wal-Marts all over the world and its influence is expanding. Because of its stature, Wal-Mart is the most imitated model of corporate retail today. The implications of this are staggering.

Primarily, Wal-Mart locates itself on the outskirts of small towns with populations of 5,000 to 30,000. Local downtown business then goes head to head with Wal-Mart, an impossible task. Because Wal-Mart separates itself, people will not only buy the item they went for, but also shoes, auto parts, pharmacy needs, video rental, electronics, clothing, groceries, banking, and more. A whole downtown.

The result is the disintegration of the local economy that begins to resemble a fascist regime, or perhaps more accurately, a feudal system; the vassals tied to the land (generations of land owners in low income areas, unable to move due to economic circumstance.) and serving their lord Wal-Mart.

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jds said... @ 4/23/2006 07:46:00 PM

Those be some genius products. Storm Motor Oil! Mussolini-Fascist Collection frames! Bric-a-brac (the illustration is incredible)!!!

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