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I know I hit on this live set thing in the very near past but I just found too much good digs this past week not to feature the live set again. Check it out.

Mp3 Link: Riddim Method - "Lemon-Red Mix Series" (78 mb)
a 51 minute mix that is solid front to back. Don't miss out on this one. The Riddim Method is a collective of DJs, producers from Beantown and Oaktown.

Mp3: Kid Koala - "Scratchcratch... Mix"
this Van City BC kid mixes it up like no other.

Mp3: DJ Shadow Live in Oxford England 10/30/1997 (17.2 mb)
from the Entroducing: Deluxe Edition. My favorite album of all time. Get yours now if you haven't gotten on that yet. Buy that reissue here.

These are courtesy of Needleworks Records:
Mp3: 2Tall - "Dday One Megamix" (10 mb)
Mp3: Sci Fu - "Non-Mathebetical Fiction Megamix" (18 mb)

These megamixes celebrate the forthcoming releases of Dday One's "Loop Extensions" and Waxfactor's "Sci Fu" albums. Both albums are out now. Go grab them at Needleworks Records.

Mp3 Link: The Chronicles Of J. Dilla - "The Mixtape Vol. 1"
I know your saying..."Dude K this is not live" and I say, "Forget you its J. Dilla enjoy." Offered up by hip hop blog royalty over at Freemotion Hip-Hop.

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