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...being a Republican apologist. To be White House press secretary these days you have to constantly be finding ways to spin the Vice President capping somebody, GW going AWOL for his National Guard duty, finding WMDs that don't exist, justifying an 8 trillion dollar debt (yes I got it right this time!), corporate tax break after corporate tax break, reasons why blowing up people half a world away is more important than saving your own people from natural disasters...I mean GOD DAMN.

It takes a first rate bullshitter to do the job and so far the Administration hasn't found one. Well if you are looking for a top rate bullshitter and somebody that can justify white corporate America's screwjob of the entire country there is no better place to turn then Fox News. They have been doing it since their inception. Bravo my good friend George...bravo!

Did I mention Snow is a Jethro Tull fan? and that he is in a band. I hope he knows how to play that signature Tull flute.

How Tony Snow Will Do the Job by TIME
In Changing His Spokesman, Bush Hires a Loyal Critic by Ny Times
New Bush spokesman is a rocker by Seattle Times

1 interested person(s)

Jon said... @ 4/29/2006 03:30:00 PM

Too old to rock and roll...

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