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As many of you may know Diplo the genre-crushing Philadelphia DJ-producer and M.I.A. collaborator has got himself a new label. His first signing is a crazy Brazilian funk carioca group (ohh Diplo you are so predictable!) called Bonde Do Role. Rolling Stone hypes them as one of the "next 10 bands to watch." Describing their sounds as:

from Rolling Stone:

In complete disregard for U.S. copyright law, Bonde do Role (D'eyrot, 22, MC Marina Ribatski, 21, and producer and DJ Rodrigo Gorky, 25) pile super-recognizable samples -- AC/DC, the Grease soundtrack, Tone-Loc -- into an over-the-top party-starting mix. A typical lyric (from "Melo do Caldinho"). They pair the biggest, dumbest samples ever with comically dirty shout-rapped Portuguese lyrics. "The joke is to be as stupid and cheesy as you can be," says MC and producer Pedro D'eyrot, "and people will buy it."

Check out a Bonde do Role track:
Mp3: Bonde do Role - "Melo Do Tabaco" (A-Trak Remix)

Get yourself that new the Diplo from Lemon-Red:
Mp3: Diplo feat. Macka Diamond, Dr. Evil et. al. - “Jungle Fever Riddim”

Check out Diplo's other work over at Pitchfork:
M.I.A. / Diplo: Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1
Diplo: FabricLive 24
Diplo: Favela Strikes Back

Make Lemon-Red a regular stop on your blog adventures Chris there has some crazy good stuff. Ohh and if you didn't know...Diplo just added himself to the Pitchfork's Music Snobfest Music Festival. I kid the indie kids! Should be a kick'in show with Diplo, Aesop Rock and Band of Horses all who are AG approved.

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If you like Baile Funk you should also check this out...


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