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Perhaps some of you missed this disk or simply forgot about it. In 1999 Dan the Automator and DJ Josh Davis (aka DJ Shadow) along with Nana Simopoulos remixed and reworked a collection of tracks that came from the bungalow of legendary Indian masala film director Anandji V. Shah after sitting and rotting for nearly 25 years.

Shah along with his brother not only wrote and directed dozens, perhaps several hundreds of films (no none knows for sure, not even them), and scored them as well throughout the '60s, '70s, and '80s. This is what AMG had to say about the album.

From AMG:

[They] add some nu-groove beats and a few extra sitars to the already drenched in groove and rhythm tracks. It wasn't so much to update them as to celebrate what was already happening in the music. Here is surf music, blues, go-go, discothèque, psychedelia, cheesy R&B, and exotica all wound together with spoken bits from the films that accent the wildness of these pieces. Tough, freaky, and completely enjoyable, Bombay the Hard way is a celebration of a particular kind of mad genius, the kind it takes to throw everything into a mix and make it work no matter what the circumstances or outcome! This is truly groovy, funky, tripped-out music from the movie capitol of the world, and showcases how the Americans and the Italians may have invented the noir and cheap thrill movie soundtrack, but the Indians took it to a whole different level.

Mp3: DJ Shadow & Dan the Automator - "The Good, the bad, and the chutney"
Mp3: DJ Shadow & Dan the Automator - "Punjabis, Pimps & Players"

Pick up this album its a Shadow Automator classic and a great listen. Buy it here.

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