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I know that not all the ambient trip-hop downtempo stuff I listen to is enjoyable to everyone. But my journey through eMusic land led me to a new Ghostly International comp (its their 2nd) that is amazing. Really great stuff. Don't believe me? Stylus gave it an A-.

Ghostly International was founded in 1999, in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is managed by Sam Valenti IV. Ghostly International has been one of America's best electronic labels and has been able to hold its own against the Euro dominated electro scene. Ghostly's willingness to champion the extreme ends of the spectrum, from sweet to mean, and its brazen lack of adherence to genre has allowed it to stay remarkably consistant.

VA: Idol Tryouts 2: The Ghostly International Company Vol. 2 is a 28-track Compilation of the Ghostly Universe, most of which is new and exclusive. Its a double disc with each disk carrying its own theme. The first is titled “Avant Pop” the second “SMM.” I will lay it out on the table right here, I have no clue what Avant Pop is. So if you know enlighten me. So as you can imagine if I don't know what Avant Pop is, I am clueless-as-hell to the meaning of SMM. Doesn't matter, just check this record out its incredible stuff that I think even the non-ambient electronic crowd can enjoy....I guess they call that "accessibility."

Mp3: Dabrye - "Magic Says"
Mp3: Outputmessage - "Sommeil"

Get yourself this disc from either eMusic or Audiolunchbox or in the physical state from Amazon or InSound.

1 interested person(s)

Eric said... @ 4/17/2006 09:17:00 PM

Ghostly puts out so much good stuff. Dabyre and Matthew Dear being faves of mine.

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