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Well looks like 50 cent Loose Change is at it again. After his same old tired act of ripping on emcees like Ja Rule, The Game, and Kanye (the first time) he has now turned his focus on Kanye West...again. Hell he even went after Spike Lee.

First, I find 50 Cent incredibly annoying and second this is especially agrivating because he is attacking someone that I think is great for hip hop. I was tipped off about this shot at Kanye from one of my favorite blogs, the fellas over at PalmsOut. Scheme said it better than I could ever imagine to so read what he had to say about it.

Scheme from Palmsout:

In what is starting to become a trend here at Palms Out Sounds, 50 Cent has once again said some hypocritical junk that borders on clinical insanity to the press. According to sohh.com, 50 made an appearance on New York's Hot 97 morning show and told Miss Jones:

"They like Kanye West cause he's a safe n**ga," 50 offered. "It's better for your kid to wanna dress weird and just have a whole other vibe," Fiddy mocked before adding, "He said something in an interview one time that made me think about it. He said cause he was raised by his mother, he has feminine ways. That right there is who Kanye West is to me. That statement is stuck in my head. He said it like he meant it."

Now let's get one thing straight, Fiddy, since we're talking about "safe" here. "Safe" is dissing Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Gangstalicious or any other so called mic wielding thugster in the game. "Safe" is not poppin sh*t with the g**damn President of the United States (and I quote- "George Bush doesn't care about black people" -Kanye West, MSNBC 2005).

That's not rap, homie, that's beef.

That's the kind of beef that got MLK murked and Assata Shakur ducking in Cuba. That's the kind of beef that started COINTELPRO (a program designed by the government itself to undermine and destroy the leaders of the black power movement- this is not conspiracy, this is FACT), and led to the sudden and widespread dissemination of crack cocaine in the inner cities. Pardon the slight ramble, but my point is that this here government in this here fine country has historically cut down any educated, outspoken black man in a position of influence. Harris tweed rocking, sweater vest toting, Kanye West is such a black man, and aint a muthaf**kin thing safe about that.

Lest I remind you, Fiddy, that you're the very same individual that deliberately and admittedly removed any possible revolutionary potential out of your crew, label and clothing company name by changing it from "Guerrilla Unit" to "Gorilla Unit." Besides the offensive connotations that this name change has in relating yourself and your completely African-American crew to apes, a ridiculous correlation white supremacists have made regarding blacks on a whole historically, it also unmistakably exposes the profound levels of cowardice that inhabits your persona, and your disturbing aversion to openly bucking a system that has a vested interest in keeping the masses, but most particularly, black people, ignorant.

Now I ask you 50, with your shiny spinning Gorilla Unit chain, whom of Kanye and yourself is really, "safe"?

Like Scheme I find 50 Cent's act tired and foolish. First, the subject of many of the tracks on Kanye's records are far from "safe." Rapping about blood diamonds, how crack destroyed the inner city black community, and how if those that died with AIDS had the money of Magic Johnson they would still be alive today. Sorry not safe. Saying that you have feminie tendicies because of being raised by your mother. Saying that in an overly sexed mainstream America's machismo culture, sorry not safe. Go on MTV and say that some in hip hop are homophobic and that the use of "thats gay" or "don't be a fag" is negative and intolerant and needs to stop. Preaching tolearance is not safe. I just wish 50 Cent would go away with his tough guy image and bull shit music, movies and video games that add nothing and challenge nothing in mainstream society. There is just no need for it.

50 takes credit for Kanye West's success.
Here the fool say it in his own words. 50 on Hot 97 part 1 & part 2.

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