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One of my favorite hip hop groups is Living Legends a hip hop collective based in the Los Angeles area. The collective consists of Murs, Scarub, Luckyiam.psc, Bicasso, Eligh, Aesop, The Grouch and Sunspot Jonz.

From Living Legends:

The Living Legends crew is a family of independent hip-hop creators. From primary earth bases in Los Angeles and Oakland, the Legends extend worldwide and beyond.

It all started with BFAP (now known as Sunspot Jonz) and PSC (Luckyiam), who laid claim to the name of Mystik Journeymen in the early 1990s. By '94 they were locally legendary for throwing Underground Survivors shows, houseparty style at their loft - 4001 San Leandro Street in East Oakland. That's where the Grouch hooked up with the Journeymen in 1995, just before they took off on their renowned first European tour.

Around the same time in the southern part of the state, Mid-city Los Angeles to be exact, 3 Melancholy Gypsys (Murs, Scarub & Eligh) were part of the almost mythic Log Cabin crew going back to 1993. Log Cabin later broke up and the Gypsys wandered separately. As it turned out, the 3 would cross paths again in the Bay Area and became Living Legends.

Aesop came to Oakland from Fresno, Arata from Osaka, and Bicasso from various points, East, West and elsewhere...

In 1999 the Legends shifted their center of gravity to Los Angeles, but their presence has definitely not diminished in Oakland and the Bay. You know it makes no difference where they stay because the universe revolves around them anyway. Over the years, the Journeymen and the Legends have rocked Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada numerous times, plus they've toured the USA, north and south, east coast, west coast and beyond...

The following dig is made up of some of my favorite Living Legends crew tracks from various records over the years. Check them out and be sure to stop by The Giant Peach and snatch up some Living Legends records and be sure to check out a show if they are in your area.

Mp3: Eligh feat. Pep Love and The Grouch - "Soul Man"
Mp3: Living Legends feat. Slug - "Nothing Less"
Mp3: Living Legends, Grouch and Sunspot Jonz - "Loose Cannon"
Mp3: Murs and Slug - "Hot Bars"
Mp3: The Grouch - "Wish You A Good Day"
Mp3: The Grouch feat. Zion I and Bicasso - "Moves That Make Me"

2 interested person(s)

Kevin said... @ 3/14/2006 01:05:00 PM

Niiiiice! Living Legends are dope. Hmmmm, might have to drop some at GvB this week. "Blast Your Radio" off the latest "Classic" is awesome.

Anonymous said... @ 3/14/2006 08:01:00 PM

Love living legends great post.

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