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If you are from Vermont you know that Montpelier has a reputation of being very progressive and forward thinking. A kind of hippie sanctuary, free of McDonalds restaurants, strip malls, and Starbucks. Yet something stinks in Montpelier...and its the local theaters choices of movies.

Case in point:
They did not/will not show Chappelle's Block Party (but will show ATL?), yet they are slated to show Larry the Cable Guy in the coming weeks. Ahh real progressive here. Give me a break. Instead of Chappelle we get Daniel Lawrence Whitney, the guy that coined the intolerable slogan "Git-R-Done." The guy promotes intolerance and anti-intellectuality as redeemable qualities.

Check out the grand selection of movies which our local theater is set to show. If it wasn't for the Savoy movie watching in Montpelier would be largely void of thought.

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Anonymous said... @ 3/23/2006 01:57:00 AM

Most small towns are hick, intolerant of differences, and boring to boot. Progressive and small town seem contradictions. Also, if you weren't already in a committed relationship when moving there you would be bored stiff and would have little chance of meeting someone of the opposite sex to relate to. But that's just my take on small town America. Dan Savage of STRANGER fame said, "I don't do small towns."


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