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Loose Fur released their second album last Tuesday. Loose Fur is the trio of Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Glenn Kotche and Jim O'Rourke. Born Again in the USA is relatively straight forward and very accessible. I think the album is best described as satisfying. It has some great song writing with great messages. The prog-type (Stupid As the Sun) and electric folksy sound (The Ruling Class) are very easy on the ears.

Video: Loose Fur playing "Hey Chicken"

More than anything the album comes across as three fellas just having a great time making a record. And that is something I can respect. Good sound I recommend checking it out.

Mp3: Loose Fur - "The Ruling Class"
Mp3: Loose Fur - "Stupid as the Sun"

Buy here and here...and maybe even here.

3 interested person(s)

JT said... @ 3/26/2006 11:43:00 PM

The thing I love best about LF is that they're almost a super-group, but their individual song-writing styles are so different, and yet it works when it's all put together in one LP.

O'Rourke's upbeat, mellow strum-a-longs contrast nicely with Tweedy's barn-knockin' rockers.

They are definitely a great project, and one I hope that continues.

K. said... @ 3/27/2006 06:30:00 AM

Yeah JT I have really only been a casual Wilco listener. My sister and others love their stuff I just have never really got into them. I heard Loose Fur randomly on KEXP and really enjoyed their sound.

Picked up the record and have been very very happy with it. You know more than I do obviously but I just am enjoying thier sound and what you are eluding to in their varied sound from song to song on a single record.

Good stuff.

Eric said... @ 3/27/2006 04:15:00 PM

LF is definately a refreshing listen. Tweedy and Wilco fan so my take on LF is that they sound (for lack of a better word) loose. Sounds to me like 3 guys playing with no pressure on them at all.

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