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Well the Oscars have wrapped up and its time to look forward (or not) to the movie new year. You know I am stoked about Block Party and V, but here are the other top movies I want to see and some of the ones I don't:

What to see/am excited for:
Inside Man by Spike Lee, huge cast Jodie Foster, Denzel Washington, and Clive Owen this movie about a volatile showdown between a determined cop and a perfectionist bank robber is sent spiraling toward disaster when a scheming power broker steps in to take control of the situation in what is sure to be a good thilling heist movie.
Zodiac by David Fincher, Fincher returns to the topic of serial killers for the first time since his breakthrough sophomore effort Seven.
The Road to Guantanamo directed by Michael Winterbottom, part documentary part fiction its time that people get a taste of what this place is like.
X Men: The Last Stand by Bryan Singer Brett Ratner, no good Ratner better not mess up this comic book franchise. Its the only good one out there and Singer was great doing the first two.
The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese, Martin looks to try and catch up to Three 6 Mafia in the Oscar race. This is an adaption of Internal Affairs a Hong Kong cop and gangster movie that came out in 2002. Except this one puts a Boston Irish twist on it.

Movies I wish they didn't make:
The Transformers, what's next GI Joe the movie with real actors? No thanks I'm not 12 anymore.
Spider-Man 3, if its anything like the first two kill me now.
The Fast and the Furious 3, good god I thought they stopped after one?
Indiana Jones 4, will Indy have a walker for this one? Seriously this shows how unoriginal things are getting in Hollywood.

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Colbs said... @ 3/06/2006 06:53:00 PM

K -

Saw Dave Chapelle's Block Party this weekend as you directed earlier. Very good hip-hop and Chappellian comedy. I highly reccommend it.

Also, go get your copy of Pearl Jam's new single.

JT said... @ 3/06/2006 07:02:00 PM

Yeah, I'm taking the ladyfriend to see DC's BP on wednesday. Should be a good time.

As for the movies you listed, yeah, you hit the nail on the head with pretty much all of them. Definitely looking forward to see what Scorsese does next.

How do ya feel about ol' Scorsese? His last few movies have left me kinda cold, and it's very telling that those flicks clean up on the technical "fluff" Oscars & awards while his filmmaking/writing gets nothing. Hope he turns it around a little with this new one.

Have you see the 3 Burials of Melquiades Estrada? I've been dying to see it, hear good things etc.

K. said... @ 3/06/2006 07:09:00 PM

Block Party is being seen tomorrow. I am excited about it. Dave Chappelle is the best.

K. said... @ 3/06/2006 07:10:00 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the new PJ Colbs.

Ohh and are aspiring dentists too busy to call their "friends" back?

K. said... @ 3/06/2006 07:20:00 PM

Think you are right on there JT. Gangs of New York and Aviator entertaining movies and definitely good from that aspect, but like you said not much depth. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed but they didn't have that edge that made them different, that set them apart from the other films.

That said a remake/adaptation I think has the same ring as the two movies listed here as mainstream pleasers that attempt to win that Oscar he is pining so much for. Probably will be a great movie but will leave those that want to engage a film with that "cold" feeling you speak of. The fact that he didn't win anything for Raging Bull and Godfellas just shows you that the Academy is basically crap...those have to be some of the best movies ever done.

Hey JT maybe you know this but can Scoresse's documentary 'No Direction Home' about Dylan be nominated for an Oscar? or is it strickly grammy materail since it was release on PBS.

JT said... @ 3/06/2006 08:43:00 PM

Sooo pumped for X-Men [esp just having seen the full-length trailer on FOX amid 24]!

As for "No Journey Home", the major Oscar eligibility criteria involves this:

With the exceptions of animated and foreign films, any film can qualify for Oscars in all narrative feature categories with a seven-day run in any commercial Los Angeles County theater during the year of eligibility.

Films must have a running length of more than 40 minutes and have been exhibited theatrically on 35 mm, 70 mm film or in a qualifying digital format.

Films that receive their first public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release are not eligible for an Oscar in any category.

I think the peeps in charge of NJH really screwed the pooch on this one, as it wouldn't have taken much to do this. Oh well, the Scors will get there eventually. No clue why he didn't win in 1990 [fucking Dances with Wolves], and in 1980 I guess Ordinary People was the Crash of the era [if you'll excuse that analogy], although I did think that was a good film.

Dodge said... @ 3/06/2006 09:40:00 PM

I can't wait for Zodiac and X3 too...there are still some good mainstream indie films out i have yet to see that are on my list too (The Three Burials Of M. Estrada, World's Fastest Indian, Munich, Cache Why We Fight, Good Night & Good Luck to name a few), but no love for Spidey 3? I thought they did a great job on the first two...huh.

The Transformers movie could be the worst evs.

No Frontin' said... @ 3/06/2006 11:24:00 PM

A Scanner Darkly! But you're right on about everything else.

No Frontin' said... @ 3/06/2006 11:27:00 PM

err..make that "spot on" or "dead on." Sorry.

K. said... @ 3/07/2006 06:43:00 AM

A Scanner Darkly? Haven't heard of it NF. I will definitely lookin into it. Thanks for the tip.

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