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Rice faces cancellations and catcalls on British visit. Admits that the US made thousands of errors in Iraq. "Yes, I know we have made tactical errors, thousands of them," said Rice. I am so enamored that both Rumsfeld and Rice have come to their senses and told the truth. Its just too bad it came after the fact when it actually mattered.


One protester, a spokeswoman for Stop the War, Lindsey German - criticized Ms Rice's visit (from BBC News):

"We think, and the majority of British people think, that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was wrong, and it is disgusting that a woman who was so central to it should be wined and dined and feted in this way, at the taxpayers' expense."

Good to see some British taking this administration to task. Rice's 48-hour trip has seen a visit to a mosque cancelled and her arrival, hotel and school visit were all dogged by anti-war protesters. Now all we need is the Democrats to do something remotely challenging like this (Fiengold not included, hes trying).

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