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DJ Zeph has a long-running presence on the West Coast turntablist scene. He is the San Francisco beat scientist and his sophomore release ranks amongst the royal echelon of turntablism.

Sunset Scavenger, named for the perpetually busy Bay Area recycling and composting service was released 2 years ago. The album features some of the Bay Area's finest, Lyrics Born and Vursatyl (Lifesavas) both make apperances along Boots Riley of the Coup. The intro track Unsubtractable is one of my favorite instramental tracks of all time.

From the SF Examiner:

"S.F.'s DJ Zeph, veteran b-boy and turntablist extraordinaire, makes music for sophisticated underground hip-hop heads hungry for ahead-of-the-curve grooves."
The arrangements and production of this record are really incredible. This is an essential turntablist disc that is often overlooked and deserves better. Check it out.

Mp3: DJ Zeph feat. DJ Quest - "Unsubtractable"
Mp3: DJ Zeph feat. Raashan Ahm - "Floorwax"

Buy DJ Zeph's Sunset Scavenger here (iTunes) and his self-entitled disc here. Visit Wide Hive records for more DJ Zeph along with some other great artists.

Bonus Mp3: DJ Zeph feat. Lyrics Born - "Hands Up"

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On an entirely separate point, well done for moving to Montpellier! I want to live there too. It's a great city. I have a friend who lives there and writes a website about beer.

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