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Jack Ambramoff is doing hard time. Jackie boy was sentenced today to 5 years, 10 months in federal prison for business fraud, but was allowed to remain free for three months so he can continue assisting in a wide-scale probe of corruption on Capitol Hill.

Crook getting what he deserves...check.
Crook rating out his "friends" and other white collar low lives to save his neck...check.

Looks like a win-win so far. Abramoff and a former business partner, Adam Kidan, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud in their purchase of the SunCruz Casinos fleet of gambling boats in 2000. Both were given the minimum prison sentence recommended under federal guidelines, 70 months by U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck after a federal prosecutor told the judge he found them genuinely remorseful and cooperative.

The two men were also ordered to make restitution of more than $21 million. Both had admitted forging a wire transfer to make it appear they had committed a large chunk of their own money to the $147.5-million SunCruz purchase. Based on the forgery, lenders contributed $60 million in financing.

The real kicker here is that the Judge received more than 250 letters saying the disgraced lobbyist deserved a break. The entreaties were from prominent lawyers, religious leaders and even a member of Congress.

A break? Why in the hell should he get a break? Screw him and what is wrong with the 250 people that thought these guys should get "a break." Has the culture of corporate nepotism and corruption gotten this deep in America?

Thanks for rating on your friends. Hopefully it will result in more of these scumbag lobbyist going to the pen but no breaks for sleazy bastards sorry.

Jack Abramoff Sentencing Wednesday: Lawyers Say He's Broke via TalkLeft from his lawyers written in the Miami Herald.

In his overly determined pursuit of helping people and charities, Mr. Abramoff spent virtually all of the funds he earned in his various business dealings. He has no real assets beyond their home and its contents. Determined to help others, and confident that he could always earn more money if needed, he ignored the guidance of his financial advisors and accountants who repeatedly warned him that he needed to put funds aside into personal savings. Now, Mr. Abramoff is broke. He is tormented daily that his wife will not be able to support the large family on her own and chagrined that, instead of being a provider and source of aid for his community, he will now see his own family needing financial assistance.

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mindlessgirl said... @ 3/30/2006 07:30:00 PM

tormented...he's tormented???!!!! yeah, ok motherf*cker, whatever... like we are suppose to feel bad for him and his, no doubt, complicit wife...UGH!!!! and you know those twisted bastards that asked for the judge to show leniency are probably trying to cover their own asses at this very moment, praying abramhoff doesn't turn them in too...yeah, it sucks when you get caught...

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