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Here are some random links for the past week that I thought I would pass along as I eat my lunch. Blogging on your lunch break probably shows some type of blog addiction or obsessive behavior but you can just tack it on to my already long list of obsessive compulsive habits. Anyways enough about me here are the links.

Larry David, king of the uncomfortably hilarious has written a great op-ed piece for the Ny Times about Brokeback Mountain, Cowboys Are My Weakness.

Rootdown Radio has a great tribute show to the late and great J Dilla [mp3]. The site is also ridiculous designed with some very cool graphics and layout. The site also has archived the previous 20 some odd shows all which are equally great to listen to if you enjoy hip-hop music.

The mac daddy of all J Dilla tribute posts with massive quantities of music to sample.

Don't miss AdBusters socially conscience ad spoofs [my favorite].

The new release of more prison abuse photos shows the horiffic and merciless nature of war and the lows human decency for other humans can go. (Warning: Not for the weak stomached). Also an article from the Times talking about how Abu Ghraib is only contributing to the proliferation of terrorists.

BBC reports that the UN has asked that the US close its torturing hell hole prison in Guantanamo Bay. Which the US refuses to do. What ever happened to freedom and the right to representation and due process? Read the full UN report (.pdf). And don't give me this enemy combatant and we are at war BS. We must treat people better.

Great article by Reihan Salam of Slate on the Winter Olympics and race. Something that I eluded to here about the whiteness (and I am not talking snow) of the Winter Olympics.

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