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A new album by A Tribe Called Quest production team member Jay Dee aka J Dilla came out yesterday called Donuts. Some haven't heard of Jay Dee, but he has scored hits for Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and Pharcyde. Most notable is Jay Dee's work on Common's Like Water for Chocolate and Q Tip's Amplified along with the debut of his own group Slum Village.

Donuts was produced mostly from J's home studio and at his hospital bed - from a portable sound system including turntable, samplers, and small boxes of vinyl brought in and out by friends when we was suffering from an illness. The result of all this hard work is a 31 track record of some great no-frills hip hop beats.

Mp3: J Dilla - "Mash"
Mp3: J Dilla - "Two Can Win"*
Mp3: J Dilla - "Waves"
Mp3: J Dilla - "Workinonit"

Buy the album from Insound.

Boomkat had this to say about the record, "made up of brief sample-heavy vignettes, 'Donuts' origins as a production beat-tape are clear; but rather than flounder without lexical structure, the thirty-one pieces represent such a broad spectrum of sound and vision that any extra ingredients could well have destroyed its distinctive flavour." Wow I have no idea what lexical even means.

Update Mp3: DJ Cam - "Love Junkee" (J Dilla Remix)
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3 interested person(s)

robot Blair said... @ 2/09/2006 03:03:00 PM

yo K thanks for the linkage - but can you take the direct MP3 link out and replace it with this link instead?
Thanks a bunch

robot Blair said... @ 2/09/2006 03:03:00 PM

PS: Dilla's Donuts is awesome

K. said... @ 2/09/2006 05:06:00 PM

Sure thing Blair consider it done!

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