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Human error supposedly caused four films about legendary African Americans, such as Martin Luther King Jr., boxer Jack Johnson, and Tina Turner to be linked to "Planet of the Apes" and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" DVDs on Wal-Mart's retail Web site, the company said yesterday. Walmart was quick to blame that the racially insensitive accident was generated by their online "mapping" program and was not intentional.

Hmm...at first I assumed it was the work of a hacker but it looks like it was one of Walmart's own. Ok, once maybe its a mistake, but the fact that it occurred for at least four different black figures implausible and inexcusable. The links were manually changed by 5:30 p.m. CT to link shoppers instead to DVD sets of Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Star Wars. Huh? So, I watch a movie about legendary Jack Johnson, the first black Heavyweight Champion of the World and the next logical step in enlightening myself would be to watch a film about an epic galactic space battle? Or maybe an all white cast of people in comical situations in an apartment or coffee shop?

I am sorry there is no excuse for such an error(s) and to pass it off as an unintentional computer glych is insulting. Walmart continues to be one of the most awful companies around and just keep reinforcing why they should not be supported in any form. If there wasn't already enough reasons to stop you from spending your money there, they also don't like the homeless. The Sacramento Bee reported that the Walmart in Sacramento is going to stop helping the homeless. The nation's largest food retailer, said Thursday it will no longer donate nearly-expired or expired food to local groups feeding the hungry. Instead, that food will be thrown away.

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