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What is the deal with Virginia Tech? Is there something in the water down there? Is kicking part of their athletic program? VTech coach, "Ok fellas after we work on conditioning drills its straight to kicking drills then we move to the eye gouge."

Seriously, first Marcus Vick was kicked off the football team for being caught on tape stomping on the left calf of Louisville All-American Elvis Dumervil (he also would later brandish a gun at some kids teasing him in a parking lot). Now, Deron Washington is suspended for one game for driving his foot into the face of a Duke player in Thursday night's 80-67 loss.

As you can imagine Virginia Tech is taking an image beating nationally. It also should be noticed that this has significance to me given I work with a friend who got his Masters Degree from Virginia Tech. I am going to have to stay on my toes, maybe take a self-defense class or something. Next thing you know I could be in the supply room chatting it up and he drops me with a kung fu kick to the face. You have no idea, these guys are thugs, hell it wouldn't suprise me if they were trained in dragon style freshman year.

Looks like VTech is the new Miami, watch yourself.

Teach the Good Kids by John Feinstein
Va. Tech Suspends Washington for One Game Washington Post
Macus Vick's Troubled Time at VTech ESPN

3 interested person(s)

nico said... @ 1/28/2006 03:21:00 PM

Fresh Bread is a Hokie too, so be careful! ;)

jds said... @ 1/30/2006 08:25:00 AM

Yeah, we know how to bring it! How can we help it if they make us watch Stomp during orientation? It's in the blood.

I cringed when I saw Deron give the extra love tap under the rim. Too much thug life up in the 'burg. It'll take a long time for this stuff to blow over.

fresh bread said... @ 1/30/2006 09:19:00 AM

you call us the new miami? that would mean our students DON'T graduate...something VT is pretty good about doing.

we just play prison rules....

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