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Doctors without borders have compiled the ten most underreported humanitarian crises of 2005. While the US concentrates its efforts on the Middle East in the form of war and bringing Bush-style democracies to the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq, countries in Africa and South America particularly, struggle just to survive.

This special expose takes you past the flashy headlines into the areas where human suffering is unparalleled. Click on a specific area to learn more or click here to see the list in its entirety. I am certain that these are not the only areas where people are suffering outside the media spotlight.

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo (AG article here)
  2. Chechnya
  3. Haiti
  4. R&D For HIV/AIDS
  5. Northeastern India
  6. Southern Sudan
  7. Somalia
  8. Colombia
  9. Northern Uganda
  10. Ivory Coast

"People all over the U.S. tell us how much they want to show solidarity and do more to help others in crisis around the world. But how can they when a crisis is virtually invisible?" Nicolas de Torrente Executive Director of MSF in the United States said. "Millions of people are struggling through crises in places that rarely, if ever, get mentioned in the U.S. news, and in our experience, silence is the best ally of injustice."

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