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It appears that Diplo has something to prove as I have come across another mashup since my earlier post. This time in place of Shadow he is going against a shadowesque RJD2. The quality is a bit shoddy (64kbps) but it is still pretty cool to listen to.

Check it out. Diplo meets RJD2.mp3 (via Archive.OrG).

If you have a Diplo fixin check out these mp3 cuts.
Bloc Party - Helicopters (Diplo Remix)**my favorite
Outkast - B.O.B. (Diplo Remix) Live from Fabric
Deize - Hollaback Girl (Diplo Remix)
3rd Bass - Shut Your Mouth (Diplo Remix)
Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (Diplo Remix)
Cat Power - Free (Diplo Remix) Live from Fabric

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