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1. Capote
2. Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith
3. Kung Fu Hustle
4. Broken Flowers
5. Murderball
6. Crash
7. A History of Violence

This list of course is bound to change given I have not seen The Squid and the Whale, The Constant Gardener and Syriana.

So I might need to do some updating after the holiday movie watching marathon I am going to have. Here is AFI's list of the top films, a list you probably actually care about.

I used to really be on top of movies but I seemed to have slipped. Most likely due to my addiction which I am working on improving.

1 interested person(s)

nico said... @ 12/16/2005 11:54:00 AM

Kung-Fu Hustle was fantatic. One of the best opening sequences I've seen in a long time.

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