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Looks like Jesus.
Throws like Mary.
Loyalty like Judas.

What a sellout. Have a cigar Johnny Damon, looks like you have a shave and a haircut on the horizon.

Please que John Williams' Imperial March...

Price of becoming a traitor? $52 million over 4 years to sell your soul to the devil and join the Evil Empire.

I am a Cubs fan, but living in New England has me root for the Soxs whenever they are not playing the Cubs and the hatered for the Yankees is certainly universal. I have said it before and I will say it again, that baseball needs a salary cap if it ever wants to approach the popularity and competitiveness of the NFL.

Looks like it is going to be tough for the BoSoxs to fill the hole in centerfield. Its always a tall order when you have to replace Jesus Christ. Red Sox Nation is in shambles with no centerfielder, no shortstop, and question marks at firstbase. The leadership of the Soxs is partly to blame for this as well.

On the flipside Johnny Demon is 33, going to be 34 next season, so the Skankees have him signed till he is 38. He already has a ton of wear on him and remember last season was his best season by far. If they can get a player like Reed, Coco Crisp, or even Eric Byrnes I don't feel all is lost.

Looks like Johnny is a man of his word. Just like he is a man of honor.

"There's no way I can go play for the Yankees, but I know they are going to come after me hard. It's definitely not the most important thing to go out there for the top dollar, which the Yankees are going to offer me. It's not what I need." - Johnny Damon, May 2005

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