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Onur Engin has an adept ear for the soul edits. He has edits of all the classics from Diana Ross to Curtis Mayfield to The Jackson. So many amazing edits on so many soul classics. Onur is a Dj, producer, owner of Monotape Internet Radio, co-founder of Ubeat Records & music director of IstanbulDoors Restaurant Group.

His first 12" edit ep will be out on June 7th. Make sure you keep tabs on him for when that drops. Glad I stumbled across this dude. Amazing stuff.

art from Monotape

1 interested person(s)

Unknown said... @ 5/26/2010 07:44:00 AM

Nice edits, quite liked especially the one from de Vaughn...
Check the remix from Mike Bennet of Paul Rodericks's People Iq, they are due to this summer released on Mbop label.

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