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As readers of this little blog know I am a fan of Eliot Lipp's music. Electronic, instrumental, hip hop records are some of my favorite type of record and Lipp excels and making just that. The Outside is his latest and probably most layed effort yet. Lipp opens up a full arsenal of synths on this record all used to near perfection.

Where I find that many instrumentalists and producer types in the indie realm try and be too "experimental" Lipp is able to craft a cohesive album with that smooth hip-hop tech beat. Pitchfork described his sound as the "sequencing analog synths over kinetic breakbeats, and splicing his peripatetic influences-- vintage electro; Krauty Detroit club and Eurocentric filter-swept techno; jazzy undie-hop; brisk G-funk; decadent Sunset Strip glitz-- into anthem after swaggering anthem." Which is better stated than anything I could say. Check out this track and get a feel for what people are talking about.

Buy: Get The Outside here.

Not sure how I slept on this record but admittedly I did. Its moving up the best of list real quick. Lipp along with Leo 123 will be playing in Chicago at Wicker Park Fest on July 27th.

photo Lipp and Leo 123 by fotoflow/Oscar Arriola.

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