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There was a lot of remixes out there as remixing is quickly becoming the thing to do and a way labels can get people to pick up singles and other digital downloads by featuring some rare and exclusive remixes. Its hard to put these in order (so I haven't). I loved them all so lets talk about them.

*Santogold feat. Spank Rock - "Shove It" (Switch Remix) (mp3 via GvB)

A bunch of artists I love all on one track. Number one requirement for a great remix is that the original track is good to begin with. Love the original but this remix by what seems to be an infallible remixer in Switch takes the cake. His remix of P Diddy was more technical but I hate that track to begin with, so it was hard to love it like I love this one.

*Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry on their Own" (Usher House Mix)

One of the best singles of the year and this drawn out tech mix is great. Played this out more times then I can count. Shes a certified trainwreck but this is just such a wonderful remix.

*Ghislain Poirier feat. Face-T - "Blazin'" (Modeselektor Remix)
*Ghislain Poirier feat. Face-T -"No More Blood" (Megasoid Remix)

Love this dude. Great records and flawless remixes. This track remixed by Megasoid along with Modeselektor's remix of "Blazin'" were so on point. Poirier is certainly somebody to watch moving into 2008 if you've been sleeping in 2007. Look up the Megasoid remix download the Modeselektor remix. Heavy on the beat, love it. Keep turning out the hits Ghis.

*DJ Medhi feat. Chromeo - "I am somebody" (Kenny Dope Old School Remix)

Another favorite remix of the year by the chronically talented dude in Kenny Dope. Originally out in 2006 this remix dropped in 2007 on the "Lucky Boy at Night" album which featured remixes by Switch and the great Outlines remix.

*DJ Mehdi - "Lucky Boy" (Radar Remix)

Sorry but I just loved this record and this was another fantastic remix. Featured on the limited edition 7" inch. Check it out.

*Thom Yorke - "Eraser" (Xxxchange Remix)

Alex Epton aka DJ Xxxchange is 1/3 of hip hop nasty boys Spank Rock. He made this remix back this summer and it was downright awesome. If I had to choose one remix out of the lot this would be it. Check out his "Our Love" remix its so so good as well.

*Radiohead - "Videotape" (Ring Trick Remix)

Another remix of Mr. Yorke's camp. Mellowed out piano is so nice on this track. Another certified killer remix in 2007.

*Justice - "Phantom Part II" (Boys Noize Remix)

Great materail with my favorite track off of Justice's smash 2007 record. The Boys Noize remix is so nice and its great to see them him drop a fresh angle on this track. These Germans This German is going to keep the dance floors filled for years to come. Go get 'em.

photo of best type of dog around by The Pack.

2 interested person(s)

Thijs said... @ 1/02/2008 02:03:00 PM

Make up your mind! Boys Noize is just one single guy, it isn't a duo!

On topic: good list. However, soulwax remix of Phantom pt II is very nice aswell!

k. said... @ 1/02/2008 04:00:00 PM

ack. good catch. sorry between his record label and him I keep forgetting its only one dude. thanks thijs.

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