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I had a recent debate with the fellas at GvB and MOKB about what makes the ultimate party cd. Both were hyping up the new record by Girl Talk called Night Ripper. While the record is definitely mashtastic I still side myself with the Hollertronix crew but let me tell you this...A-Trak is very very very close behind.

A-Trak definitely comes highly touted after being signed up by Kanye West to be his DJ on tour. The Montreal native has a serious DJ pedigree; crowned 1997 DMC World Champion and honorary member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. A-Trak went on to be the youngest world champion and add the 1999 & 2000 ITF World Championships, the 1999 Vestax World Extravaganza and the 2000 DMC Team Championships (with DJ Craze) to his name as well.

A-Trak's record Oh No You Didn't (Live in Vancouver) record which came out this year is a phenomenal piece of party music (a must own). These cuts here are from his second breaks record entitled Monkey Boy Breaks that came out in 2004.

Mp3: A-Trak - "Track 1"
Mp3: A-Trak - "Track 2"
Mp3: A-Trak - "Track 3"

Buy: Check out A-Trak's catalog over at TTLab. All sorts of great stuff at great prices! Don't be a leach.
Check him OUT: A-Trak's Sunglasses is a Must Tour only 3 days left of it.

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