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Between getting an ear infection from a local Vermont swimming hole, getting some identity theft laid down on my sorry ass, along with my online Rutgers course I totally spaced on posting a Tuesday dig this week. The level of forgetfullness shows by the fact that I actually uploaded the tracks and just forgot to post some dialogue...but then again do the Hype Machine kids really care about my dialogue? Probably not.

Anyways. Here is a sample of some tracks I have been listening to lately while the weather has been hot (like 90 degrees 70% humidity hot). The movie synonymous with hot sticky weather for me? The classic Do The Right Thing.

Mp3: Monica - "Don't Take It Personal" (Siik Remix)
Mp3: Lil Jon, E-40 & Sean Paul - "Snap Yo Fingers" (DJ B.Cause 3 Part Blend)
Mp3: Method Man feat. Lauryn Hill - "Things They Say"
Mp3: Chromeo - "You're So Gangsta"
Mp3: Blue Scholars - "The Ave"
Mp3: Aloud - "Rocky 13" (Mylo Remix)
Mp3: Tosca - "Heidi Bruehl" (Plantlife's Love Philosophy Mix)

Check out Siik's page for some more mashup and remixes. One talented SOB. If you don't have DJ B. Cause's Soul Boulders album you are seriously missing out on one great soul comp. Buy it by sending B. Cause a paypal. The Meth and Lauryn Hill song has some great lyrics not crazy about the beat however. Would love to hear this track remixed. The Chromeo song is straight summer. Loving it. Blue Scholars from my native state Washington pairs great production with some dynamic vocal artillery. Mylo is the dude. Great great dance music. Check out this Plantlife's mix and look forward to the Plantlife and Cee-lo collab coming out in the near future.

Have a great weekend all. Be safe, have a good time, and stay cool. Peace til Monday.

Blogworld check it:
* Go get these Rattattat tracks they are bumpin. Ratatat and Ghostface. Are you serious!? Nice selections from CallMeMickey.
* GvB latest indie show is the best. A-trak? YYYs Diplo edit? Spank Rock. The kid finished up strong.
* Joey over at Straight Bangin has a comprensive breakdown of his 2006 1st half picks for best albums, best songs, worst songs, overrated etc. etc. great commentary. Not on board with all his choices but dig the post nonetheless. Solid work.

9 interested person(s)

jds said... @ 7/14/2006 06:22:00 PM

this week i had a white haired ex-marine had-my-struggles-with-the-bottle type come into the office. he had amazingly faded Do The Right Thing style tatoos on his nuckles, that were further adorned by a heart and a dagger on the respective hand. pretty damn sweet. luckly i only became acquainted with his right hand.

K. said... @ 7/14/2006 06:25:00 PM

very nice. when we hanging out is a better question

Anonymous said... @ 7/14/2006 06:26:00 PM

blue scholars!!! nice look. sabzi on production is the man in our town (seattle) right now. check out his other project common market. http://www.commonmarketmusic.com/


K. said... @ 7/14/2006 06:36:00 PM

thx for swinging by anon. loved blue scholars for awhile ever since i went to school at WWU. great great stuff and not just because they are from my home state the seriously bring it. digging common market for sure as well along with cancer rising.

BiffReagle said... @ 7/15/2006 12:06:00 PM

if you havent you should check out the full release by Rattatat, at times they improve on the originals.. great stuff

K. said... @ 7/15/2006 03:57:00 PM

definately will be checking it out biff. hadn't heard of them until recently. thx for the tip!

JT said... @ 7/15/2006 07:47:00 PM

another top selection K. home run.

djbcause said... @ 7/19/2006 04:23:00 PM

Hey man, thanks many muchos plus for tho'ing the blend up on here (cool blog btw), gewd looking oot!


josh b

ps. the slaypal link up there is not working, but my email addy is


Anonymous said... @ 7/21/2007 03:51:00 PM

How you gonna hate on the beat on the method man track. Its smooth and matches the rest of the song perfectly.

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