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I have to say right now that I have a bit of a sore spot for Pistons fans (this one not included) since last year when I went to a game versus the Pistons at United Center and it was invaded by Pistons and their ridiculously stupid "DeeeeeeTroit Baaaasketball!" chant. They even had the nerve to shout it out outside after the game was over. I guess I should feel lucky that they weren't throwing beer on people.

Well...lets just say we won't be hearing that chant too often anymore. Their foundation and most recognizable player is GONE. I am sure Pistons fans will talk about how hes worthless on the offensive end and can't shoot free throws, but I would reply that the Bulls took the NBA champs to the wire with Tyson Chandler who isn't exactly the second coming of George Gervin.

Considering Nene just got 6/$60m, 4/$52 for Wallace is not all bad. Now that Big Ben is a Big Bull its time to part ways with Mr. Chandler. There is no way the Bulls are going to play two non-scorers together. Best scenario is that the Bulls move Chandler to the Hawks for Al Harrington. This gives them a more offensive minded forward to compliment Wallace's defensive dominance and non-stop motor.

Most likely is that the Bulls dump salary by sending Chandler to the Hornets for Brown and JR Smith. Which helps with the lack of depth at SG for the Bulls along with adding an expiring contract in Brown. Lets just say that where the Cubs can do no right the Bulls can do no wrong. Shows what a good GM can do for a team.

Little taste of what Big Ben will be bringing to the Bulls.
Lets just say Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys is less than pleased.

In other Bulls news:
How in the hell does this happen?? Bulls mascot charged with attacking cop.

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