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You might have already seen this here so sorry for the delay. I was busy being occupied with politics for the past couple days. Anyways here is the new Jurassic 5 track featuring some DMB people. Like GvB said not sure why they are linking up with DMB but the track shows it. Ack.

This track is awful. It also should be noted that this is the first J5 album sans Cut Chemist. I am hoping for better from the other tracks on this record (they can go any place but up right?). Either that or the upcoming album is meltdown waiting to happen. Don't go BEP on me J5! Check this out courtesy of Spine Magazine.

Mp3: Jurassic 5 - "Work It Out"

Record comes out July 25th you hope to God that Chali 2na, Zaakir (Soup), Akil, Marc 7 and Nu-Mark will bring it on the other tracks.

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coxon le woof said... @ 6/14/2006 04:12:00 PM

I was hoping the new J5 would see a return to form after the disappointing 'Power "in Numbers' but this track doesn't leave me holding my breath.

Still, it is always good to hear a bit of Chali.

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