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Well Gorilla vs. Bear has just uncovered some new Cee-Lo Green collaboration stuff. As GvB is reporting Jack Splash lead vocals of Plantlife and Cee-Lo are getting together to make an album. The group is called Lovestink.

Cee-Lo is on fire right now. Everything he touches is turning to gold (or should I say platinum?) especially with the creation Gnarles Barkley. Check out this new track hosted over at Gorilla v. Bear.

Mp3 link: Lovestink - "Gangsta Boogie"

Check out a slamming Plantlife remix by Diplo from Diplo's Live at Fabric 24 buy that here.

Mp3: Plantlife - "Love 4 My World" (Diplo Remix)

Hussle over and check out streaming Plantlife music on their page. It should also be noted that on top of the Gnarles Barkley and Lovestink work Cee-Lo is working on a collaborative album with singer/producer Jazze Pha who has fashioned hits for Field Mob “Sick Of Being Lonely”, Ciara “1,2 Step”, Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne and many more. The album was formerly titled “Lavishly Co-Ordinated” but is now going under the title “The Happy Hour” which is the name of the sets lead single.

1 interested person(s)

Chris said... @ 4/07/2006 12:14:00 PM

very cool! thanks for this track, if you've got anymore plantlife stuff, hook me up :)

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